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    crystal xp 2008

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    : 09/05/2008

    default crystal xp 2008

       MR.M love life 23, 2008 1:29 pm

    Windows Crystal XP 2008
    Windows Crystal XP 2008

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    -All latest hotfixes integrated till this moment
    -More speed while browsing internet and network computers
    -New programs has been added with the latest versions
    -More useful registry tweaks
    -Faster connection speed has been unlocked
    -Annoying windows error message has been disabled
    -windows file protection has been disabled
    -New beautiful background wallpapers
    -New style icons and themes
    -Transparent Glass Aero
    -New boot screen and logon screen
    -and much more

    Includes some softwares like
    Media Player 11
    Flash player 9
    Direct x9
    Control panel addons:
    1-Boot safe
    2-Boot Vis
    3-Clear Type Tuning
    6-HD Tune
    8-Mem Test
    9-MS Autoplay Repair Wizard
    10-MS Time Zone
    11-MS Virtual cd-Rom
    12-MS Config
    13-Msi Cleanup Utility
    14-Services and Devices
    15-Startup Control Panel
    17-User Accounts 2
    18-Win Update List
    and much more

    Windows Crystal XP 2008

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    Windows Crystal XP 2008

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